8th International Veterinary Conference

Welcome Message from the Conference Chairman

Please allow me to greet and salute you with all international languages and, on behalf of the Suez Canal University, College of Veterinary Medicine Faculty and Staff members as well as the conference Organizing Committee. I am honored and delighted to invite you to attend and participate in the 8th International Veterinary Conference. The theme of the conference will be "One World One Health". The conference will be held in the charming city of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt during the period from November 27- 30, 2014. The opening ceremony will be in the Suez Canal University Campus in Ismailia, Egypt. I believe we have chosen a venue that guarantees a successful conference amid the culture and scenery of one of the beautiful areas in Egypt.

Our program is rich and varied with invited talks and many topics in all areas of veterinary researches as well as all disciplines in agricultural and animal sciences. We are also collaborating with American Journal of Animal and Veterinary Science to publish a Special Issue for the Conference Proceedings.

As a conference chair of international Suez Canal Veterinary conference, I know that the success of the conference depends ultimately on the people who have and will be working with us in planning and organizing both the technical program and supporting social arrangements. In particular, we in advance thank the Program Coordinators for their advice and brilliant suggestions on organizing the technical program; the Program Committee for their thorough and timely reviewing of the papers, and our sponsors who have helped us to keep down the costs of the conference for all participants. Recognition should go to the Local Organizing Committee members who have all worked extremely hard for the details of important aspects of the conference programs and social activities.

We look forward to see you at the upcoming event in Egypt.

Prof. Dr. Ibrahim M. Fares, DVM. ,Ph.D.
Dean of Faculty of Veterinary Medicine
Suez Canal University, Egypt


The 7th Scientific Conference of College of Veterinary Medicine really was a great few days. Not only were the sessions super compelling, but we made some great connections as well. I am super excited to attend the next year's conference.

Dr. Ashraf Nazem , Alexandria University